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Schedule of Events

Party Starters


The Riveters 2min40sec

Merry Christmas No One's Darling 1min39sec

Witch in the Kitchen 2 6min14sec

Hysteria 7min13sec

The Party 16min18sec

Momma 6min

Hot Anger 5min30sec

Opaque Sky 4min7sec

Deathdate 7min50sec

Feast 7min30sec

Domestic Affairs 13min54sec

The Body Corporate 7min18sec

Indentured 17min47sec

Snow Girl 28min6sec

Len(n)y 6min6sec

Sleepo 13min13sec

Just a Prick 

The Contest 7min 54sec

Mauvaises Tetes 14min19sec

Makeout Party 25min 

Backstage Bar & Billiards January 11th

Women Scorned


Lilith 4min10sec

Skin Deep 7min46sec 

Artisan Boutique Hotel January 12th

Metal Block


Daughters of Northern Darkness 1min29sec

Skjemt Blod 6min4sec

Road Trash 5min19sec 

Artisan Boutique Hotel


Super Fun Show with Learning! 16min30sec 

Artisan Boutique Hotel

I am Body Beautiful


Hairy 2min29sec

Beautiful Eyes 5min

Eat Me! 20min 

Artisan Boutique Hotel

Bad Bitches 1:15pm

Sell Your Body 11min9sec

Eye of the Empress 8min51sec 

Artisan Boutique Hotel

Filmmaker Panel



Artisan Boutique Hotel

Feature Film 3:15pm

O. Unilateralis Trailer

Video Diary of a Lost Girl Trailer 2min33sec

Phaedra Official Trailer 1min50sec

RE-Agitator 1hr58min 

Artisan Boutique Hotel

Perfect Strangers Lip Sync


Lip Sync fun!


Artisan Boutique Hotel

Time to Mingle 7:30pm

DJ entertainment by Cinema Therapy

Blossom - Natacha Thomas (France)

Sacred Land - Natalie & Chloë Buse (USA)

The Honey Jar - Natalie & Chloë Buse (USA)

The Porus Body - Sofia El Khyari (UK)

Emotional Houdini - Allison Beda (Canada)

Black Sun - Adrien Léonard (Belgium)

Matter Out of Place - Oona Taper (USA)

Words - Jenna Cornell (USA)

1st Day & Next Minute - Sara Koppel (Denmark)

Bottom of the Barrell - Eliana Mullins (USA)

Three Little Big Bad - Vappu Tuomisto (Finland)

Wax Dance - Laura Fernandez K. (Spain)

Suffocation - Mahedi Anjuman (USA)

Self (i.e.;) - Laura Iancu (USA)

Fasterrrr - Laura Iancu (USA)

Closet Space - Angelique Gibson (USA)

Sleep - Marguerite McQueen (France)

Count Your Curses - Loréne Yavo (Belgium)

Back Into the Dark - Bea Landers (USA)

Artisan Lobby

Erotic Block 9:30pm

Tease 1min14sec

Lovesick 8min23sec

Wunderkammer 5min36sec

Alice's Naughty Adventures 1 Preview 1min30sec

Basic Bitch Ice Cream 4min 24sec

I Love You 40min


Artisan Boutique Hotel

After Party 11:30pm

After Party for attending filmmakers


Party Bus

Bruch & WIM Registration







Thunderbird Boutique Hotel January 13th

Strange World 1:00pm

Department of Reincarnation 3min7sec

Viv 1.0 8min11sec

What's Inside Pandora's Talk Box Pilot 35min


Artisan Boutique Hotel



NIMF 7min17sec

A Happy Wound 14min15sec

Alice After Wonderland 5min 11sec


Artisan Boutique Hotel 

Head Space 2:20pm

My Angel's Home 2min

Panic Attack 3min

Monsters 1min


Artisan Boutique Hotel

Workshop (TBA)




Artisan Boutique Hotel

Short Block


Plain Devil Trailer 1min11sec

Plastic Plaything 4min10sec

Parlor Tricks 7min37sec


Artisan Boutique Hotel

Awkward Lovers 4:00pm

The Date 19sec

Spinneret 1min40sec

To See You 13min56sec

Supine 25min


Artisan Boutique Hotel

Self Lovin


He and Me 1min

Flicking the Bean 5min16sec


Artisan Boutique Hotel

The Struggle is Real


The War 3min

Object 6min

Gemini 13min2sec


Artisan Boutique Hotel

Bleak Reality 5:50pm

Isolated Crows of Solitude 20min9sec


Artisan Boutique Hotel

Comedy Block 6:20pm

Weekend Getaway 12min27sec

The Apocalypse will be Automated 8min37sec

Bitten 10min40sec

Micro Love 19min


Artisan Boutique Hotel



15 Second Horror Challenge 5min

Eat Me 8min

Prenatal 10min37sec

Salient Minus Ten 12min30sec

Chained 2min18sec

Haxx Deadroom 21min


Artisan Boutique Hotel



Medusa Underground Film Festival Awards Ceremony


Artisan Boutique Hotel

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